“Mommy, listen to your teacher!”

Words of wisdom from my 4-year-old daughter as I packed up my swim bag to leave for my first lesson yesterday. When she saw me getting ready to leave she asked if I was heading to my swim lesson. I told her yes and she suddenly transformed into my “big” little girl. She told me to sit with her. So I did. She then became my “coach”. She told me how I was going to have to practice blowing bubbles, and put my face in the water and kick my feet. She ran down a long list of exercises I would do including the kickboard complete with a visual demonstration of how to move my arms.  I was impressed that she could explain so much! I thanked her and told her I would do my best. As I was getting up to leave and putting my bag over my shoulder she said “Mommy wait!” I looked back and she smiled and said “Mommy, listen to your teacher!”

What GREAT advice – I wonder where she got that from!

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