Tears of Joy…

After my swim class last week I cried. I cried real tears in the shower like I was 5 years old. I cried because  (in my opinion) I did SO poorly. I went to class, got into the pool, did the kick board, the barbel thing, kicked my feel blew bubbles but just could not seem to get the arms and breathing “right”. Water in my mouth (no fun), water in my nose (REALLY no fun) and then my teacher suggested a noodle and this belt float thing that seemed to make me float but didn’t do much for my coordination. I watched my other adult swim classmates progressing to the “other end” without me – I wasn’t swimming, wasn’t floating at least not on my own and it hit me that I doing the same things from day one of class! I had not progressed, swimming seemed so far from my grasp – so I cried.

Probably not the best choice of responses but that’s what I did.

I went home to my husband and children only to tell them that it was hard and that I hadn’t done anything new this week and was feeling lousy.

So, the week goes by and I tried not to think about my upcoming swim lesson too much. But, I REALLY did not want a repeat of last week and certainly not the tears. I asked God to help me. Who else is better than HIM right?

I get to the pool feeling like I have nothing to lose and I realize that there is no one from my class present. A young “kid” walks up to me and tells me his name is John and that he is the instructor for the day. He looks like he is 13 years old or young enough to be my child. He hops in the pool and tells me to get in. So, I follow his direction and got in.  John worked with me one-on-one yesterday. He was super patient and easy-going! He had so much faith in me and my ability to get everything coordinated to swim, and he decided that I did not need any extra fotation During the last 15 minutes of class he said “Darcey you just have to swim.  You can do it!” I immediately thought of God and the verse in the book of Deuteronomy 31:6 that says, “…The Lord your God goes with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you.” i.e. Darcey, God is NOT going to let you drown in 4 feet of water!” So, I just did it! I swam! Then I did it again! and again! and again! (all while telling myself that God is with me here in the pool).

It wasn’t super coordinated, It wasn’t perfect, but I did it.  I can only compare it to a toddler who is taking their first steps in life.

At the end of the class, John (who is 16 and about to be a high school senior) told me “good job, Darcey”. I smiled and nearly cried again – but this time tears of joy!

I’m feeling wonderful right now!

2 thoughts on “Tears of Joy…

  1. Darcey, your experience with God’s faithfulness to His children is truly inspiring. I am glad you are in tune to His presence in your progress and thanks for sharing.

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