Tide is High!

There was a time when I had a list. A list of 40 things to do before I turned 40. The list included things like… snorkeling, travel to Europe (again), go skiing at least once, build a (good) snowman and learn to swim among other things.

Well, where did the time go?

Here I am quickly approaching 40 and I haven’t yet done many of these things. I got the snorkeling in with lots of flotation devices attached (looking semi-ridiculous), while my son and his friends jumped feet-first, head-first, backwards and any direction into the ocean in Bermuda.

Did I mention that I cannot Swim?

life vest and noodle...

Snorkeling in Bermuda – Summer 2011

So, I have decided that since time is running out now on 40 (just 5 months to go), I will select one thing to do before I turn 40 and that is (drum roll please)


It is high (tide) time I guess anyway…

So, while there are lots of things that I can blog about – I will start here. Perhaps this will keep me honest and in the water.

Stay tuned!